Tonje Elisabeth Aaroe - Keynote Speaker

Ex-Googler speaking on leading digital transformation and culture and behavior change in the workplace

Speaker Tonje Elisabeth Aaroe is a thinking partner and advisor for some of the world’s largest companies with practical experience from business in Norway, England, France and Switzerland. Tonje Elisabeth has worked as an Industry Manager and Executive in companies such as Google and Microsoft. Now she shares her unique experience in keynotes and workshops about work culture, leading digital change and innovation.

Tonje is an ex-Googler with deep knowledge of how organisations can create a leading digital culture and she consults on the consequences of the digital paradigm shift. She helps different organisations engage their teams and people successfully and through that helps to reduce costs, increase efficiency and improve quality and profitability through good leadership and a good work culture.

Tonje is experienced in co-creating thriving work cultures and engaging people in the organisation while going through change with a core capability in staff engagement. Together with Professor Sut I Wong at BI, she has developed a staff engagement survey that helps organisations take the pulse on how much their employees really thrive.

In times of unprecedented change, an unprecedented response is required from you to make sure your organisation continues to thrive. This is the time to educate both yourself and your people on how to thrive whilst going through change.

The below keynotes from Tonje Elisabeth Aarøe will help you do just that. She will help you reflect over where you and your organisation are right now and what you together need to do to develop your new normal. The keynotes will help you reflect over how you can move swiftly and effectively to meet unexpected change as a team and an organisation; quickly adapt to the new challenges; adapt, rebuild and innovate to emerge successfully through these uncertain times.

-Adapt, adopt and abandon; how to lead through change creating engagement and results in virtual workspace

-From Workplace to Workspace; Leading Digital Transformation post Covid-19

-High performing innovative teams in uncertain times

Popular topics: How to Build High Performing Teams | Sustainable Digital Culture Change | Leading Digital Change | Business Management | Innovation

Tonje Elisabeth Aaroe

Ex-Googler speaking on leading digital transformation and culture and behavior change in the workplace

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