Could an hour change the world?

Could an hour change the world?

“Impossible, it’s just an hour. But what if it meant that anybody, anywhere, could find 60 minutes, one hour to do good for our shared tomorrow and our shared home? An hour that compels millions to act and makes millions more take notice. An hour that could unite cities, countries and continents, showing what we all have in common and what we stand to lose.” –WWF

There’s no question about sustainability and climate change being one of the most urgent priorities humankind must rapidly solve. However, many questions remain on the ’how and who’-side of things.

How do we best go about tackling this vast problem, and who should do what? It’s no longer a debate on who should participate, everyone should, but rather who should focus on certain actions to ensure the best end result for us all. What should your organisation focus on? What about you as an individual, is there something more you could do?

To answer the most pressing questions, we have included some of our top experts on sustainability, circular economy and ESG to this newsletter. With their insights and knowledge we can combine our efforts toward taking actions in the right direction to enable and protect the planet and ensure prosperity for our next generations – as sustainability in its essence means.

This month, we urge you to use Earth Hour or any hour to consider how to make all other hours count.

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Here’s to lifting your organisation to the next level in heart, mind and action!

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Top Trends and Topics 2023

Top trends and topics 2023, MySpeaker


To read about the Top Trends and Topics that are expected to shape the year 2023 download the report below. These trends and topics are identified by our top experts and speakers, who continuously work the field and surround themselves by the ever changing global trends.

These insights aim to guide you on what ideas and insights can help you succeed in the upcoming year by focusing on a specific mind and skill set.


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