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The Power of Words and Talking Will Never Cease to Make an Impact – Susanna Hagelstam

The world around us is changing incredibly fast. Faster than we can actually keep up with. The current global situation is putting organizations, leaders and individuals under pressure, which hardly any of us have could ever have imagined.

Despite these challenging times, I personally feel very privileged.

My work at MySpeaker is balancing between our top global speakers and clients – constantly seeking and offering solutions to make perfect matches between speakers who offer top notch insights and organizations in need of finding new ways to embrace the changes, and in need of ideas on how to navigate through these turbulent times.

My purpose and passion is to connect the best speaker with the client’s current needs. The best possible outcome of making these perfect matches is to hear feedback from the client saying that the speaker succeeded in providing new ideas, examples and advice, eye opening possibilities and most importantly offering inspiration and new ways of thinking on how to lead change in order to achieve something bigger and better.

The keynote speaker could be someone from a highly respected academic institution, a former successful corporate leader, a courageous explorer or adventurer, prominent sports athlete, a scientist, a futurist, a screen writer or movie director, a NASA astronaut, former president or politician or someone who has achieved something remarkable by going through adversities in life.


The themes I have recently come across while discussing with both our speakers and clients include the following topics:

Agililty and ability to react to constant change
Wellbeing and Resilience – finding the balance between mental and physical balance
Creativity and Innovation in all organizational levels
Sustainability & climate change – how to generate  growth responsibly
New Technologies and how to profit from them in practice
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
The Skills of Tomorrow including talent management and engagement
Geopolitics and current and upcoming Economical landscape.


We are currently putting together a material ”package” including highlights from some of our trending keynote speakers and experts who all have listed top topics and themes for 2023 based on their own specialty and knowledge areas. We will share with you this outcome within a couple of weeks.

We at MySpeaker are here to assist you with all your events’ speaker content and professional moderators. In this connection I am also happy to share with you the news about MySpeaker – in addition to Helsinki and Stockholm we are expanding again and will be opening an office in Paris in the first quarter of 2023 to serve you even better.

I have come to understand in the years of my working career, that the power of words and talking will never cease to make an impact. A motivation to change. An inspiration to move on. To do things better. To lead better. To make a difference. To make this world a little bit better. Step by step.

As long as we keep on talking and changing ideas and working together with our teams and colleagues, we can all make a difference. Preparing all of us to face the future challenges. And to find our path towards something better.


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Susanna Hagelstam

Senior Account Manager, International Speakers


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