People Aren’t Buying Your Values – Thomas Kolster

People aren't buying your values - Thomas Kolster

  We had the chance to interview Mr. Goodvertising Thomas Kolster during his visit to Helsinki. Thomas is a man on a mission — one of the early pioneers in the do-good space, coining the term “Goodvertising” to describe the changing impact-advertising landscape that’s become a movement in itself.   Thomas’ topics spread in the […]

The Power of Words and Talking Will Never Cease to Make an Impact – Susanna Hagelstam

Susanna Hagelstam Article

The world around us is changing incredibly fast. Faster than we can actually keep up with. The current global situation is putting organizations, leaders and individuals under pressure, which hardly any of us have could ever have imagined. Despite these challenging times, I personally feel very privileged. My work at MySpeaker is balancing between our […]

The Science of Goal Setting by Caspar Craven

Caspar Craven Article Banner

Of 100% of goals set, I wonder what % of them actually get completed? What is it that makes the difference between those who set off on a journey and those who complete it? And what difference does it make as to whether the goal is a big one or a small one?   I’m […]

Leaders’ Block: What prevents managers from asking for help? – Ritu G. Mehrish

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Leaders are not superheroes; they may fail, falter and make mistakes, and it’s important to have an open conversation when they need support.   Behind every successful leader in any field, be it in sports, politics, entertainment or even in the corporate world, there are hundreds, thousands, maybe even millions of ‘followers’. These followers are […]

From Reactive Past to Predictive Future – Belinda Gerdt

From reactive past to predictive future belinda gerdt

Over the coming decades, the use of technology by companies that will win the race to provide the best experiences will be turned upside down with profound implications for every aspect of their business, from customer experience, to core operational processes, to the very nature of their products and services. To meet and exceed customer […]

Digitalization changed the customer experience – Belinda Gerdt

Digitalization changed the customer experience Belinda Gerdt

Technology changes how we function. It affects how we communicate, how we search for information, and how we make use of the products and services offered by various companies and organisations. We want our interaction with them to be easy and fast. An increasing number of everyday tasks can be performed online, more processes are […]

Keynote Speakers – Why We Need Them

Winston Churchill, John F. Kennedy, Socrates, Martin Luther King- what do they have in common? They’re some of the best public speakers in history. But why? What did these individuals have that set them apart from the rest? In these series of blog posts on keynote speakers, we’ll go through everything about public speaking and why […]

Seeing is Not Believing

In my last article I expressed how you never know how speakers are made. From the small time I’ve had the pleasure of working for MySpeaker Rhetorich and the stories I’ve heard, a common phenomenon appears to be a life-changing event from which a 2.0 version of these speakers is born and with it, an […]

A Brush with Mortality that Turned Back the Clocks


You never know how speaker’s are made these days. That’s the thought that ran through my head when Terrence Mauri told me his story and how the turning point in his life and career, was waking up under a car, with a tyre burning on his leg. For most people a brush with mortality might cause them […]

What great leaders should be doing right now – Kevin Gaskell

Kevin Gaskell

Never let a good crisis go to waste … so said Winston Churchill. And he should have known. While he never saw a Corona virus pandemic, he did successfully lead Great Britain through the darkest days of the second world war. I am grateful that I have never seen a war, but I have led […]

”Put people first and the results will follow” – Caspar Craven

For far too long, the mantra in business has been primarily about numbers and getting results. People have simply been expendable items, driven hard to get those results. The resulting “numbers-driven” culture isn’t sustainable. Paradoxically when you switch things round and put people first, in my experience you are far more likely to achieve your […]