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Seeing is Not Believing

In my last article I expressed how you never know how speakers are made. From the small time I’ve had the pleasure of working for MySpeaker Rhetorich and the stories …


A Brush with Mortality that Turned Back the Clocks

You never know how speaker’s are made these days. That’s the thought that ran through my head when Terrence Mauri told me his story and how the turning point in his life …

Pata Degerman

A Picture Speaks A Thousand Words: Pata Degerman

A picture speaks a thousand words. One picture, it seems was the defining moment in Pata Dagerman’s career. It made the difference between what may have remained as only one …

Shivvy Jervis

Investigating the next wave of Learning – and how to thrive from it – Shivvy Jervis

The mature employee boldly transitioning to a new career or hold on to their current role, an aspiring freelancer trying to make their way in a digital marketplace, the gig …

Kevin Gaskell

What great leaders should be doing right now – Kevin Gaskell

Never let a good crisis go to waste … so said Winston Churchill. And he should have known. While he never saw a Corona virus pandemic, he did successfully lead …