MySpeaker Rhetorich

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MySpeaker – Rhetorich is an AI powered platform that measures over 17 elements of your Speech performance and Impact!

”MySpeaker to Develop a Global AI Speaker Platform

Public speaking is a skill of the future. There has been more technology and scientific work developed and published around human speech in the past five years than in the past fifty. The time is now ripe for producing a global platform for measuring and improving public speaking skills using artificial intelligence and other advanced technologies.

MySpeaker intends to lead the world in speaking performance technology. It has received funding from seed investors and Business Finland to create an application and platform that will change the way we measure and develop speaking skills in the future. The work will be led by the company Chairman, André Noël Chaker and the company’s Chief Technologist, Galith Nadbornik. They will be assisted by Business Intelligence specialist Christophe Buyle. The launch of the service is scheduled for August 2021.”

Join us to test and develop the next generation technologies and platform in public speaking. Register here to participate in the selected group who want to use technologies and networks to boost their public speaking abilities. Our mission is to help you gain personal power and allow you to share your ideas through impactful speaking on a global scale.

The Team

Christophe Buyle Profiilikuva

Christophe Buyle

Business Intelligence Specialist

Galith Nadbornik ota yhteyttä

Galith Nadbornik

Chief Technologist

Celina Rellahan

Celina Rellahan

Content Manager

Andre Noel Chaker

André Noël Chaker

Technology Project Lead & Chairman of the Board

Johan Sjöstrand