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Jukka-Pekka Heikkilä

An Acclaimed Impact-Driven Business Scholar & Explorer

Dr. Jukka-Pekka Heikkilä is Academy of Finland postdoc Fellow at Aalto University, a Newton Fellow at Royal Society (UK) and a visiting scholar at Stanford University who can visualize academic cutting-edge research for a non-scholarly audience.
Jukka-Pekka not only integrates his content with research but speaks through his experiences as a leader complex projects that often mix the traditional with the previously unknown.
Through his work in the Middle-East, the topics include women empowerment, volunteerism, and peacebuilding. Jukka-Pekka Heikkilä is also the founder of co-managed initiatives such as Startup Circus and participatory cultures project Burning Stories. Against this backdrop, he is a seasoned expert not only to speak about self-organizing but the new form of it, co-management. Finally, wellbeing in tech ventures and burnout prevention among youth is rooted in his previous field of HR and supported with the work at Stanford.
As a speaker, J-P is a new generation science disseminator, who delivers tailor-made presentations with inspiration. He has spoken in the top league universities; Princeton, Berkeley UC and Stanford and at large events such as SLUSH and Startup Grind.
Popular topics:
Leadership: Self-organizing and co-management: getting real with the hype | Volunteerism and leading volunteer organizations by example: the complex role of ego | Leadership ABCs in extreme environments: from Pyongyang to Beirut | Participatory cultures: the organizational co-managed models of inclusivity, transparency, and equality
Entrepreneurship: Entrepreneurship and mental disorders – unrecognized potential? & Entrepreneurial addiction as an emerging “disease” | Visual and understandable format of the latest entrepreneurship research – based on request
Society & Future: Entrepreneurship education, equality, and peacebuilding: concrete ways forward in a more restless world | Women empowerment and peacebuilding: fancy words or real possibilities for a better tomorrow?
Wellbeing & Health: Wellbeing (non-wellbeing) & startup-culture: the real cost of youth burnouts | HR in startups: the forgotten success factor
Attitude and change: Stories and lessons learned from living and working in planets’ toughest environments | Volunteerism, open-minded co-creation and thoughtful courage as career game-changers

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Jukka-Pekka Heikkilä

An Acclaimed Impact-Driven Business Scholar & Explorer


Attitude & Change, Wellbeing & Health, Leadership, Society & Future, Entrepreneurship


burnouts, Equality, extreme environments leadership, HR in startups, Leading by example, peacebuilding, Wellbeing in startups, women empowerment


Finnish, English

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