Heidi Kähkönen - Juontaja

Co-Founder Fiksari

Heidi Kähkönen is Co-Founder of Fiksari, a startup aiming to transform how elderly people interact with technology. She is passionate about creating social impact through building businesses and using technology. She is also an advocate for bringing more diverse workforce into technology and has founded Girls’ Coding Club, an initiative that teaches women practical coding skills.

Formerly Heidi has worked as a technology journalist at Almamedia’s Tivi and Mikrobitti publications. Heidi is experienced in writing in-depth articles about disruptive technologies. She has also trained hundreds of journalists to use data gathering, processing, analysis and visualisation in their reporting.

In 2015 Heidi Kähkönen moved to San Francisco to transform her career by learning to code. After studying web development in General Assembly, she was recruited by Slush and served as their Head of Media in 2015–2016. She founded the startup Fiksari in 2016 and has been a full time entrepreneur since 2018.

Heidi Kähkönen

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