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Award-winning community leader & TEDx speaker

Kamilla Sultanova is an entrepreneur and a keynote speaker running her own culturally responsive consulting company ConnectUz. Kamilla has a background in corporate sales and purchasing, which helped her navigate through the complexity of global trade, in a fast-paced maritime logistics.

As a moderator, Kamilla lights up the room with contagious energy, actionable change, global insight and razor-sharp focus on the audience. As an insider and outsider in the Nordics, she knows what truly makes growth and innovation appear – it is in the dynamics between people, business and culture.

Kamilla’s references as a moderator and host:

  • Arctic Startup – hosted twice
  • Ministry of Employment European commission event on innovation principle
    • Minister of education all day event on competencies and skills for Finland’s European presidency
  • Allianssi – hosting all day event for Youth workers Turku
  • Facilitator – European Youth workers conference Germany – 3-hour workshops to 1 hour workshop facilitation online for European participant

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