Kamilla Sultanova

Kamilla Sultanova - Juontaja

Award-winning community leader & TEDx speaker

Kamilla Sultanova is an event host and TEDx speaker, who dances with the audience on the stage. Literally and metaphorically. Having walked all main stages in the Nordics and engaged with diverse audiences, Kamilla knows what it takes to lead an event with complete ownership. Instead of talking to the audience, she builds trust and ignites others to feel like a community by being authentic, curious, and playful. That is where the magic happens.


Uzbek native with a home base in the Nordics for the half of her life, she has reached 40 000 people in 16 countries: inspiring educators, young people, entrepreneurs, executives, policymakers, and royalties. As an insider/outsider in the Nordics, she knows what makes growth and innovation appear and she replicates it on stage: the dynamics between people, business, and culture. Kamilla embodies a speaker, an entrepreneur, a volunteer, and a mentor all in one person. She runs ConnectUz, a culturally responsive  public speaking and workforce consulting to help promote diversity, equity and inclusion both in small and global companies and organizations.


Currently adviser for Finnish Flow, Global Dignity and alumna of the prestigious networks: “40 under 40 European Young Leaders” and German Marshall Fund. After a master’s degree in Corporate Communication in Denmark, she had a career in logistics, corporate sales and purchasing, which helped her navigate the complexity of global trade. In Finland, she supports immigrants, and international talents and endorses Nordic values and qualities of life.


Thanks to her diverse background and engaging personal style, Kamilla creates immersive experiences and connects to any audience, and will facilitate your event with positive change with vision, creativity, know-how and global insights.


She has recently worked with Nokia, Kone, Vaisala, Business Finland, Sitralab, Hanken School of economics, the European Commission, Arctic Statup, Finnish ministries of education and culture as well as ministry of economic affairs and employment.

Kamilla Sultanova

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