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Moderator | Facilitator | Speaker | Broadcast Journalist

Sabinije von Gaffke is a highly experienced, esteemed and awarded international Moderator, Facilitator, Speaker, Broadcast Journalist and Communications Catalyst in the intersection of Tech, Leadership, Sustainability, Impact and Health. She has extensive experience of global summits, digital summits, virtual meetings, live studio broadcasts, public speaking and leadership workshops.

Sabinije has undertaken assignments on the stages of Europe’s biggest Conferences, Conventions, Summits and Conferences in Tech, Leadership, Impact, Entrepreneurship, Digital Science, Health, Space, Sustainability and Entertainment.

Assignments include: Women in IT New York, Nordic Business Forum, Microsoft, EQT, Brilliant Minds, Humanity Rising Summit, Google, NENT, Danske Bank, Facebook, Women in Tech, ICT Luxembourg, Mastercard, Accenture, Wisdom Stockholm, SAAB, Ericsson, Nasdaq, TEDx, Octapharma, PWC,

Sabinije von Gaffke uses her expertise to engage people, companies and organisations seeking to improve cross-silo synergy and align internal and external stakeholders and implement purpose-driven strategies and leadership, through workshops, leadership retreats and public speaking facilitation.

She is a Change Leader and Creative Visionary focused on building dynamic dialogue, storytelling & communication among individuals, leaders, societies and companies across numerous sectors and industries. 17 years experience in Network Television, Radio, Web-TV, Global Conventions.

Born in Sweden, raised in London and with several years of living abroad, Sabinije lends her international perspective and presence to any arena. She has interviewed everyone from game-changers, top politicians, CEOs, tech profiles, artists, spiritual leaders, successful entrepreneurs to philanthropists. Combining her strong commitment to her subject with a passion for communication, storytelling, rhetoric and the art of facilitating dynamic dialogues on stage and in front of the camera, together with a natural curiosity for a range of subject areas, Sabinije has established an impressive career in the Nordics as well as internationally.

Founder of IMPACTFULNESS Ventures’, is aimed to be a global and collaborative platform, launch pad and ecosystem for impact initiatives. A designated platform for innovations for impact driven initiatives, environmental initiatives, tech for good solutions, impact investments, bio and medtech, impact philantrophy and purpose driven content and storytelling.

Passionate advocate and strategic advisor on social impact & tech enabled ideas and actions contributing to making the world a better, healthier and more sustainable place.

Sabinije’s passion lies in raising awareness on the power of the trinity: Educate – Empower – Elevate. Aimed at connecting technology and people, purpose and humanity, storytelling and communication and innovation and science.


  • Partner of She Index powered EY (a gender equality index)Advisory board member for Innorbis (global SDG index tool)
  • Advisory board member of One Well Water project
  • Board member of Vital Voices Europe. Leadership Council.
  • Vital Voices is a leading NGO founded by Hilary Clinton and Madeleine Albright, that identifies, trains and empowers emerging women leaders and social entrepreneurs around the globe, enabling them to create a better world.
  • Ambassador and tech profile mentor for NGO Reach for Change latest initiative: Bridget – A global network aiming to empower, support and scale female social entrepreneurs who aim to break the digital divide.

Co-author of a Swedish book on communications and meetings “12 Talares Tankar om Möten” (= “12 Speakers Thoughts on Meetings”), contributing with a chapter on Storytelling and the Art of Being a Moderator and Communicator. Released April 2019.

Sabinije also holds 3 mastermind classes and leadership workshops on Public Speaking, Vocational Training and Storytelling.

Host of Radio Show “Conversational Stories”, the podcast “The Leap” and the upcoming global conversational series “The Game Changers”.

Alumi of Singularity University ‘Executive Leadership Week’ in Silicon Valley, San Francisco 2019. She is today the co-host and chapter leader of Singularity Stockholm.

Speaker on topics:

  • Beyond US – singularity of People – Purpose – Planet
  • Human Connection in the age of AI
  • Impact through Storytelling
  • The Power of Communication and The New Narrative
  • The art of storytelling
  • Evolutionary Leadership for the New Paradigm
Sabinije von Gaffke

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