Micael Hermansson

TED-speaker | Public speaker

Micael Hermansson is a rewarded TEDx -speaker and educator.

He is the man behind the ”learning and motivation concept” ‘Grej of the Day’.

Now Hermansson is taking his secrets from school and is here to teach us how they could be useful for companies all over the world?

What if a lot of hidden secrets of how we listen, learn and remember can be found in a microlesson-formula that started in a classroom full of bored students.

What if we should challenge all those unsuccessful ways and start looking at a new roadmap with a lot of shortcuts straight into the hearts, and the heads, of anyone you want to reach?

One true fact: We are always trying to REACH OUT whether we present, talk, teach, pitch or stand on the biggest scenes, and this part – REACHING OUT – is perhaps the toughest for anyone to face 2019.

Let Micael Hermansson – an international rewarded TED speaker and educater – inspire you to become a master in the art of  presenting.

“Micke is full bloded professional who leaves his audience in a WOW- feeling for a long while.”
“His new lecture on the topic effectiv presentation and Communication already feels like a classic. BOOK HIM!”

”The principles Micke thought and demonstrated us through body, mind and reasearch, is something all organisations need to have at the heart of every interaction with employee, customer and partner alike. Micke is an epicentre of inspiration and knowledge, leaving no one untouched with brilliance.”

”When Micke enters the stage the whole room shines bright. A firework of passion and feelings from the begining to the end. Also a variety of techniques as take aways. Fantastic!

Popular Topics:

“How knowledge becomes cool” | “How to master the art of reaching out” | “A small step for you – a giant leap for your “audience”

Micael Hermansson
Micael Hermansson

TED-speaker | Public speaker


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How microchanges creates a macroeffect, Leading with a new roadmap, SMS - Short Mindblowing Storytelling


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