Micael Hermansson

TED-speaker | Public speaker

Micael Hermansson is a rewarded TED -speaker and educator.

What if a multi awarded  ”learning and motivation concept” – with its roots in Swedish schools – could be useful for companies all over the world?

What if a lot of hidden secrets of how we listen, learn and remember can be found in a microlesson-formula that started in a classroom full of bored students.

What if we should challenge all those unsuccessful ways and start looking at a new roadmap with a lot of shortcuts straight into the hearts, and the heads, of anyone you want to reach?

One true fact: We are always trying to REACH OUT whether we present, talk, teach, pitch or stand on the biggest scenes, and this part – REACHING OUT – is perhaps the toughest for anyone to face 2019.

Let Micael Hermansson – an international rewarded TED speaker and educater – inspire you to become a master in the art of  presenting.

Popular Topics:

“How knowledge becomes cool” | “How to master the art of reaching out” | “A small step for you – a giant leap for your “audience”

Micael Hermansson
Micael Hermansson

TED-speaker | Public speaker


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How microchanges creates a macroeffect, Leading with a new roadmap, SMS - Short Mindblowing Storytelling


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