Adrian Gilpin - Puhuja

Chairman of the Institute of Human Development

Adrian Gilpin is the founder and driving force behind the Institute of Human Development. Adrian’s work in the field of leadership development and peak performance coaching is rapidly becoming recognised by business leaders as cutting-edge.

Adrian Gilpin is a highly-regarded speaker and human behaviour specialist, he has positively impacted a number of businesses. With an approach centring around inspiring yourself, others and innovative ideas, Adrian has worked with elite management teams to improve their productivity rate. Adrian’s presentations are a unique mix of story-telling, movie clips, wisdom, common sense and a deep understanding of what makes human beings tick and perform at their best.

Adrian leads the IHD’s leadership research and programme development, mentors chief executives in the public and private sectors and coach’s top teams. He spends much of his time on conference platforms challenging the old models of corporate leadership and offering practical and inspiring alternatives for managing change in business, education and society. When these are aligned in an individual, we witness a transformation in their personal power and impact. Individuals take responsibility for unleashing their own potential; managers unlock high performance in others and leaders create an inspired environment. Adrian believes that storytelling energy and drive are key forces in organisations.

Adrian Gilpin has designed and led some of the most effective and sustainable change programmes and many organisations have retained him to coach their Managing Directors and senior executives in high performance leadership coaching.

Teemat: Fearless Selling | Inspired Leaders | Unstoppable Teams | Building your Vision and Making it Happen | Pathfinders - Discovering Emerging Leaders Inside Organizations and Communities | Using New Web Technologies to Inspire, Motivate and Support Organizational Learning and Change

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