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Inventor of L'Hydroptère | Founder & Creator - THE JET ZeroEmission

Alain Thébault, is the creator & designer of 3 iconic flying boats: the world sailing speed record holder l’Hydroptere, a proof of concept called Seabubbles and for 2022, a new game changer ”THE JET ZeroEmission”.

Alain Thébault has both breadth and depth with his experiences in technology, innovation and sustainability. He speaks about his leading-edge developments across a wide spectrum and variety of topics. Alain is a dynamic speaker, his presentations captivate audiences across the globe. A true professional, Alain prepares meticulously for all events and engages audiences with his thorough subject knowledge.

L’hydroptère was launched in 1995 and reached 35 knots the same year. Since 2005, with the support of Swiss banker, Lombard Odier Darier Hentsch & Cie in Geneva, Alain modified his yacht for an attempt to reach the speed of 50 knots and more. He co-founded SeaBubbles a company dedicated to designing and building the latest generation craft with the motto ”Zero Wave, Zero Noise, Zero Emission” thanks to the combination of a hybrid hydrogen-electric propulsion system and retractable foils. The SeaBubble H2 offers a sustainable mobility alternative in waterways as well as marine zones and protected areas.

Teemat: Zero Wave, Zero Noise, Zero Emission | Clean Energy | Sustainability | Innovation | Technological Advancements

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