Andrew Scott - Puhuja

Professor of Economics, London Business School

Andrew Scott is Professor of Economics and former Deputy Dean at London Business School. He is also a Fellow of All Souls, Oxford University and the Centre for Economic Policy Research. His research focuses on longevity, an ageing society and fiscal policy and debt management.

Andrew is a compelling speaker who brings to life in a clear and striking manner how our world around us is changing. He focuses on how technology, longevity and shifting social relationships are redesigning our lives and considers what individuals, corporates, governments and our educational system need to do in response.

Whether talking to a large audience or rapid fire Q&A with a small group Andrew combines humour with deep insight to help the audience ’join the dots’ and leaving them motivated and clear about the implications for their business.

Previously he was Managing Editor for the Royal Economic Society’s Economic Journal and Non-Executive Director for the UK’s Financial Services Authority 2009-2013. He has been an advisor on policy to a range of governments and government departments. He is currently on the advisory board of the UK’ Office for Budget Responsibility, the Cabinet Office Honours Committee (Science and Technology), Chairman of The Longevity Forum and a member of the UK government’s Longevity Council and the WEF council on Japan. Andrew previously held positions at Oxford University, London School of Economics and Harvard University. His MA is from Oxford, his M.Sc. from the London School of Economics and his D.Phil. from Oxford University.

Teemat: Macroeconomics: Short and Long Run Factors | Monetary and Fiscal Policy | Global Capital Markets | Emerging Markets | Growth | The Hundred Year Life

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