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Management Consultant | Bestselling Author | Founder Rebels at Work

Anja Förster is a bestselling author, management consultant and one of today’s savviest business authorities on reinventing the logic of how business gets done. She is a member of the Top 100 Jury, an initiative that awards the Best Innovator prize in Germany.

The German-born economist is an influential voice on the European speaking circuit, who inspires her audience with thought-provoking perspectives and insights on what it takes to succeed in today’s rapidly changing business world and highlights growth opportunities.

Additionally she challenges people to turn long-held industry conventions on their head, fearlessly challenges the old guard and amazes her audience with new and unique products and services. Entertaining, thought-provoking and passionate, her presentations don’t just talk about being different they inspire people to be different. Her dynamic and entertaining approach leaves a lasting impression on her audience, leaving them energised.

She is the author of ten books. Her bestselling book ”Anything But Ordinary” won the Business Book of the Year Award. Her work ”Stop the Busy Work / Hört auf zu arbeiten“ was named ”Career Book of the Year” and ”The Power of No“ was the Book of the Year winner.

Anja Förster is the founder of ”Rebels at Work”, a community of courageous change-makers, who fight bureaucracy, shake up rigid and outdated organizational structures and rethink work.

Her academic background includes a Masters Degree in Economics along with an MBA. After completing her studies in the U.S. she joined Accenture, where she served as a manager and headed consulting projects in the field of human performance and change management. In 2002, she founded Förster & Kreuz in Heidelberg and started her career as a writer. Alongside his official role as CEO of Förster & Kreuz, Anja is also a well-known motivational keynote speaker. She has travelled throughout Europe for her keynotes and has presented to companies like Siemens, TEDx, Bertelsmann, PWC, and BMW.

Teemat: Different Thinking! | Business as Unusual | Creation of a Corporate Culture of Innovation | Best Business Strategies | Achieving Peak Performance | Anything but Ordinary

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