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Award-winning Entrepreneur | Founder of Girl Meets Dress

Anna Bance is the Founder of Girl Meets Dress, a company disrupting the fashion industry by introducing clothing rental as a new way of shopping. By building a wardrobe in the cloud, Girl Meets Dress gives millions of women the ability to hire designer dresses and accessories for a fraction of the retail price.

Drawing from her business experiences and having launched an ecommerce company during a time of recession and the beginning of the sharing economy, Anna provides first hand insights about sustainable fashion, the rise in clothing rental, the online fashion industry, the place of fast fashion, the circular economy, the things that will change the face of shopping over the next two to five years. Her hands-on experience of starting a business from scratch through her own vision, makes her an ideal choice for audiences. She is highly articulate, down-to-earth and an excellent communicator. From panel discussions to keynote speeches Anna can bespoke each presentation to precisely suit each individual client.

Launching the company in 2009, following 3 years as Head of UK PR at Hermes, Anna has built Girl Meets Dress from an idea into a profitable, worldwide brand. The first company to rent luxury fashion online, she co-founded Girl Meets Dress with Xavier de Lecaros-Aquise, and has since raised funding from Rocket Internet Oliver Samwer’s investment fund, Global Founders Capital. Anna has been honoured with numerous recognitions including: Drapers ”Best Etail Innovation” Award, Redbull ”Future 50” Top 10, Paypal’s ”Etail winner”, ”Online Fashion 100,” Specsavers ”Women of the Future” and Management Today ”35 Under 35”.

Anna Bance’s background is in Fashion, Journalism and PR with her degree in Fashion Promotion from London College of Fashion and her skill sets meant she could start up, generate world-wide press attention and launch Girl Meets Dress.

Since launching, the business has scaled throughout Europe, and the Bance has been busy pioneering the way forward for rental as a new and exciting ecommerce category of its own.

Teemat: Entrepreneurship | Women in Business | The Future of Shopping | Sustainability | Circular Economy | Clothing Rental | The Changing Retail Landscape | E-commerce | PR, Branding & Marketing | Luxury Retail

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