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Keynote speaker | Futurologist | Digital philosopher | Professional troublemaker

Aric Dromi is a keynote speaker, futurologist, digital philosopher and professional troublemaker. He looks into a new way of thinking about how things work. He helps advance philosophical research and related fields through innovation and technology.  He looks at emerging trends and helps identify the strategic implications of those trends.  Aric sees an essential part of capturing the future is being able to explain it, make it tangible and, most importantly, make it relevant.

Aric’s top themes & topics:

Regarding tips for future ready leaders: Transforming yourself first: As soon as leaders timeline themselves are changing, so too their environments and the organisational they are serving are transforming for good.

• Balancing analytical explicit problem-solving with your implicit creative abilities to navigate complexity more effectively • Trusting yourself and your colleagues and team by default and moving gradually into becoming a trusting organisation • Understanding different states of self and how they impact team collaboration and communication (e.g. designing a working environment in which people can feel the psychological safety to surface their best selves at work) • Creating common purpose and common ground amongst our highly diverse and globalised workforce and simplifying the communication and message to engage genuinely and effectively • Putting people first instead of customers first, because employees matter equally as much, and using data to personalise both employees’ and customers’ (digital) experience with the company.

• Sustainability and Resilience: While most companies see sustainability & resilience in the context of profit, ignoring the reciprocal relationships between policy, society and technology, the unpredictability of market changes will eventually render their business models outdated and irrelevant.

• Future of Work, Social Interactions, New economic models and everything in-between: From mobility and logistics to GDP and new business, what are the unresolved challenges and economic issues that can be solved with sufficient political will, financial investment and attention now, and in the future so this new reality can carry it’s true potential impact?

• Trust, Privacy & Integrity (TPI): We live in a world where consumers no longer look at or interpret data anymore – but rather consume the opinions of others. It’s the job of business and policymakers to secure a sustainable TPI frameworks. GDPR was a good start yet we can do more to drive better value for our data.

Aric is a chief futurist for one of the world’s most well-known and respected vehicle manufacturers and a leading developer of autonomous and electric vehicles.  In addition, he has a number of ongoing projects.  Aric’s consultancy TEMPUS.MOTO helps companies learn how to navigate the coming technological revolution in the face of increased automation and artificial intelligence, and helps them to find a path to the future they desire.

He is also the founder of the Dead Rabbit Co., a cross-media content production company, which is committed to creating documentaries objectively analysing, discussing and disseminating directional information around the important questions of our time.  Additionally he is the founder of the Black Swan Theatre which helps organisations identify and build new economic models and provide the disruptive edge they will need to make the future work in their favour.

Aric changes the way we experience the world, the way we think about thinking, and transform the way we understand change. His keynote speeches frame questions and help people identify and abandon old paradigms and rethink thinking.

“Technology is a wonderful thing. It’s already altered our perception of reality and will; if leveraged correctly, disrupt our existence. When we think about the future, we tend to think about a world powered by technological gadgets, body enhancements and artificial intelligence, autonomous cars or even flying cars. Yet, maybe the true potential of the future will not be technology for technology, but the new generation of businesses and societies that occupy the digital landscape and redefine the boundaries of opportunities.
Now, we are entering an era of digital augmentation and areas such as Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Genomics, Biotechnology, Neurotechnology, adjustable reality and the codification of value interactions enable us to re-examine and repurpose every aspect of our existence. From our digital-selves to the cities we live in, from mobility, energy and communication to new financial models; to the idea that we have to design our future with a set of tools that are anchored in a digital supply chain.

We have spent years climbing the mountain of technology and societal development, just to find ourselves on the edge of a cliff; and while most of us are busy looking back at our achievements a few brave souls are about to step forward and jump into the unknown.”

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Aric Dromi

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