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Former COO of Google Europe and Author of 'Marketing for CEOs - Death or Glory in the Digital Age'

Seasoned technology CEO, engineer and former COO of Google Europe, now focused on helping entrepreneurs to succeed – through hands-on mentoring, consulting, investing, fundraising, board roles and career coaching. Ben Legg is an accomplished author and authority in the world of data-driven business and digital transformation. He helps companies to thrive in a world dominated by Google, Facebook, Uber, and Amazon.

Ben Legg has lived in nine different countries and worked in over 60. Ben has deep expertise and an impressive track record in areas including global expansion; the sharing economy, entrepreneurship, people-based marketing; digital strategy; product development; corporate development; marketing transformation; e-commerce; big data; customer lifetime value; sales management; organisational transformation and culture. Legg has helped many of the world’s leading companies understand the threats and opportunities posed by the newly dominant platforms, then helped them build successful and profitable futures within this new world.

Ben is an engineer and former British Army officer. He started his post-military business career in 1999 with McKinsey as a strategy consultant. After that, he joined Coca-Cola, holding various strategy, marketing and sales roles in Greece, Poland, and India. His performance piqued the interest of Google, where he became the COO of Google Europe 2007-09. Whilst there, he wrote the blueprint for Google’s monetisation of all major platforms, including Search, YouTube, Maps and Mobile. This approach is still the way Google monetises its platforms, over a decade later.

Teemat: Digital Trends | The Internet | Google Story | Data-driven Marketing | Social Advertising | E-commerce |Leadership | Emerging Markets

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