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Former Chairman of ASOS & Former CEO of Amazon UK

Brian McBride has been a recognised leader in the digital sector for over 15 years. An established businessman, McBride’s expertise across industries is enviable, having acted in senior roles at the likes of Amazon, ASOS and Trainline. The longstanding chair and non-executive Director now holds a number of advisory positions, enhancing corporations and governing groups with his first-hand insight. During his career, he oversaw businesses that are highly customer-focused and who have used digital and technology to delight their customers and disrupt the competition. He held senior global roles at IBM, Dell, and Lucent. Brian has executive and board experience across the global digital world, from China and Japan to US and Germany. He has served on the boards of various organisations including the BBC, Celtic FC PLC, Huawei and was also on the UK Government’s Digital Advisory Board.

Brian McBride is a highly motivating and articulate speaker. His enlightening presentations are always well received. He not only inspires but also presents his clients with actionable solutions that can be implemented immediately. He has consistently led businesses that have revolutionised how consumers buy and what they expect from retailers. In presentations he looks at how this revolution came about, the rise of mobile and social media in retail, and how to engage with the new breed of customer. Drawing on experiences from some of the world’s best-known online retailers he considers the common themes across sectors.

Transform your business, with a keynote business talk from one of the finest speakers on the circuit. Armed with implementable advice, a charismatic on-stage presence and a reputation in his field that is second to none, McBride is perfectly placed as your next event speaker.



Teemat: The European Online and Digital Space | The New Digital Context for Retail | Social and Mobile | Leadership | AI in Business | Branding | Business strategy

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