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Calum Chace has a background in business strategy, marketing and journalism working as a marketer, strategy consultant and CEO. His experience of a 30-year career in business marks his work. Today Calum is a sought-after keynote speaker, blogger and best-selling author specialising within the area of artificial intelligence.

In his entertaining keynotes, Calum addresses the different challenges and benefits of artificial intelligence. According to Calum, there is a great possibility that the first machine with human-level cognition is created within the next few decades. If this happens, it may entail that superintelligence will be with us soon. Consequently, humans will then be the second smartest species on the planet. As a speaker, Calum Chace is both informative and engaging. He enlightens audiences with eye-opening and thought-provoking facts in an entertaining way. Remaining a popular speaker, Calum travels around the world delivering content-rich keynotes.

As an expert on artificial intelligence, Calum Chace has written multiple best-selling books concerning the potential impact of AI on society. He has also written non-fiction books, including Surviving AI about superintelligence and strong AI, and The Economic Singularity addressing future prospects of technological unemployment. Additionally, he is the author of Pandora’s Brain, a techno-thriller about the first superintelligence. He studied philosophy at Oxford University, and his interest in artificial intelligence stems from his reading of science fiction. In 2012, he retired to focus on writing and speaking.

In the last four years, Calum has given over 120 talks in 18 countries on five continents. Videos of his talks, and lots of other materials are available at He is co-founder of a think tank focused on the future of jobs, called the Economic Singularity Foundation.

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