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Founder, Designer & CEO of By Caprice Products | Top Female International Business Speaker

One of today’s top female international business speakers, Caprice Bourret started her own company called By Caprice in 2006 and her collection, designed and modelled by Caprice was an instant success. Caprice is currently busy expanding her business internationally which includes Lingerie, Swimwear and Home.

Extrovert, astute, highly entertaining, Caprice talks passionately in her personal, free-flowing style demonstrating the key points using excellent visuals tailored specifically for each event. The ultimate business model, she is highly articulate, down-to-earth and an excellent communicator.

Caprice believes it is really important to share her experiences, from starting from nothing to building her own successful brand, through her own finances and vision. She offers first-hand advice on the challenges of developing new businesses and openly discusses the highs and lows and the importance of financing and marketing strategies. Highly sought-after for her ”hands on” experience in today’s competitive climate, Caprice is an ideal choice for global audiences seeking valuable insights into how to succeed in business.

International supermodel, acclaimed business woman and multi-talented media star, is there anything Caprice Bourret can’t do? Known for her ability to continually adapt and diversify her career, over three decades Caprice has proven hard work, a strong personal brand and innovative strategies will ensure she is a success at whatever she turns her hand to. At events, Caprice is equally versatile, able to discuss her extensive career or offer a keynote speech on the business aspect she now focuses on. Breaking into the industry in the early 1990s, Caprice made her debut Vogue cover and saw her career blossom overnight.

Regarded as one of the most photographed women in the world, Caprice is an icon of the modelling industry and has been featured on over three hundred and fifty magazine covers across the globe, a testament to her boundary pushing beauty, elegance and creativity in front of the camera.

Teemat: Entrepreneurship | Women in Business | E-commerce | Branding and Marketing | Benefiting from Social Media | Consumers in Today's Business Climate | Work / Life Balance | Motivation | Overcoming Obstacles | Being Resilient | Striving for Success

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