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Futurist, Top Tech Voice on LinkedIn & VR AR Thought Leader

Cathy Hackl is one of the most sought-after keynote technology speakers in the world. Considered one of the top women in augmented reality, virtual reality, spatial computing and innovation, she works at the intersection of future technology, strategy, and storytelling engaging audiences across the globe and across industries.

Cathy Hackl is a leading tech futurist and globally recognized business leader specializing in augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), & spatial computing. She is one of LinkedIn’s top technology voices and a champion for diversity.

Cathy has worked with some of the biggest names in tech including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Magic Leap, and HTC VIVE. She leads the Futures Intelligence Group, a futures research & consulting firm that works with clients in tech, fashion, media, government, and defense implementing innovation strategies, strategic foresight, and emerging technologies. She’s also a top Forbes Contributor. BigThink named Cathy ”one of the top 10 most influential women in tech in 2020” and she’s been called the CEO’s business guide to the metaverse. Cathy was included in the 2021 prestigious Thinkers50 Radar list of the 30 management thinkers most likely to shape the future of how organizations are managed and led.

Whether it’s a keynote, a corporate workshop, or a fireside chat, Cathy is the must-have speaker for your next event!

Teemat: Future of any Industry | Future of Leadership | Direct to Avatar | Marketing to Robots | Spatial Computing | XR | Human Centered Artificial Intelligence | Emerging Technology | Futurism | Personal Branding for Women in Tech

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