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CEO, Partner, Leadership Coach

Christina Dahlblom is an entrepreneur, CEO, Board professional and leadership coach on a mission to improve worklife through better leadership. She previously worked as CEO at Miltton Sparks but is currently an independent agent. She has also served on several boards, three of them being stock listed companies.

Her original focus was on understanding customer behavior and loyalty, on which she defended a Ph.D. in 2004. The same year, in her first managerial position, her attention turned to human behaviour in organisations, and she became passionately interested in how we can improve both performance and wellbeing through better leadership. Since then,Christina Dahlblom has been working with organisational and leadership development projects and coaching. She founded her company Dahlblom & Sparks in 2012, and it became part of the Miltton group in 2016.

Teemat: Leading for positive performance | Three T's of Tomorrow's leadership | Personality and performance (mentioned topics are usually tailored to strategic topics of each company)

Christina Dahlblom

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