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Mental Toughness Expert & Executive Coach

Gavin Ingham is a leading global business speaker. His passion is to help people to “Be More”, “Do More” & “Have More” in their businesses and their lives. He is an expert in knowing what makes high performance teams and individuals tick. Gavin has reached a worldwide audience through his online blogs, videos and articles.

“Gavin Ingham will empower your teams to take action”


Gavin’s top themes & topics:

From my expertise, there are 5 core areas that need focus and attention to develop balanced individuals who can deal with rapid change and powerful teams that thrive in challenging circumstances.

The 5Cs of Champions:

Conviction. They believe in themselves, the value that they add and their journey irrespective of external people, events and circumstances.Clarity. They are clear about who they want to be, their vision and what they need to do to succeed.Consistency. They do what they need to do irrespective of challenges and setbacks.Community. They build and surround themselves with other high performers.Connection. They turn up as a 10 when it matters – with clients, as leaders and at home.

10 Core topics for 2022 therefore are….

  1. Developing Balance in a complex and rapidly changing world.
  2. Building personal motivation, momentum and mental toughness despite adverse economic or personal conditions.
  3. Installing a growth mindset to innovate and learn in the face of rapid change.
  4. Utilising 90 Day Sprints that are flexible in changing circumstances and achieving more in 3 months than others do in whole years.
  5. Being Decisive – stop procrastinating, make rapid decisions, get results.
  6. Creating consistent winning behaviours that change lives and build businesses.
  7. Developing teams that communicate, lead, coach and thrive irrespective of changing geography, rules and plans.
  8. Communicating from a 10 – maintaining powerful connections with all stakeholders in your business and your life.
  9. Raising performance and how to apply the 5Cs of high performance not matter what external challenges we face from people, events and circumstances.
  10. Installing winning beliefs at an organisational and individual level that ready people for a brave new world.


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The Surprising 10th Habit Of High Performing Leaders


Gavin Ingham is the author of three books and numerous multi-media programmes including the ground-breaking Sales Juice. His expertise has been sought out by multi-nationals that include: UBS, The Royal Bank of Canada, Microsoft and Renault Trucks. His insights, tips and motivational strategies are shared by high-performing professionals, business leaders and organisations around the world to achieve commercial success. Gavin has has appeared on a variety of TV programmes including The Brian Tracy TV Show shown on ABC, CBS, NBC & Fox in the USA.

Gavin’s presentations combine high level commercial intelligence, inspirational tips, killer success strategies and powerful stories. Audiences will not only enjoy the event but will leave with their heads buzzing with practical tactics that they can use right away to help them be more, do more and achieve more. Gavin’s high energy keynote talks have inspired thousands of professionals to understand how they can use ‘mental toughness’ to be more successful in today’s competitive markets, starting NOW.

Gavin Ingham acts as a catalyst for change by using real-world stories. He has an engaging style with a great ability to change the energy in a room, encouraging everyone to participate, not only by listening by doing.

Teemat: Mental Toughness | Sales Performance | Hold Your Price | The Influencers’ Edge | Coaching Compass | The Differentiator

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