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Technology Journalist and Presenter on Channel 5's Gadget Show

Keynote speaker Georgie Barrat is a leading technology journalist and TV presenter. Since 2017 she’s co-hosted The Gadget Show, the UK’s best loved consumer tech TV program. She also writes for the likes of Marie Claire and Huffington Post, and has worked for a variety of broadcasters including ITV, BBC and Channel 5.

Georgie is an experienced event host, facilitator, speaker and moderator, who has worked with and offered advice to some of the biggest organisations in the world. Some of these include Intel, Adobe and IFA. As an expert in technology, Georgie is perfectly positioned to give detailed and informative presentations on tech-related subjects such as virtual reality, artificial intelligence, computer coding, IT, smartphones, digital trends and online culture. Her talks are incredibly fascinating and educational, with her passion for the subject made clear by her knowledge and professional speaking style.

Away from reviewing the latest apps and devices she considers how technology is disrupting the way we work and socialise. Her keynote exploring future tech trends has taken her all over the world, being invited to speak at the likes of Web Summit, Mobile World Congress and Smart City Expo. Her writing credits extend to a range of publications including The Mirror, Tech City News, The Guardian, Marie Claire & The Metro.

Forever wanting to expand on her already impressive knowledge, Georgie Barrat also learnt how to code with the Code First: Girls program. As a result, Georgie has become a passionate advocate for encouraging girls to get into technology as a career, with particular emphasis on coding. She works alongside two charities STEMettes and the Baytree Centre to help encourage young girls to study technological subjects, and do away with the male-dominated perspective that tech is often portrayed in.

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