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Diversity, Inclusion and Unconscious Bias Expert and Thought Leader

Hayley Barnard is a prominent keynote speaker, entrepreneur and consultant to top-level executives throughout the UK and Europe. She is a subject matter expert on Diversity and Inclusion, Unconscious Bias and Inclusive Leadership. Hayley is the Co-Founder of Shoal Projects Ltd and Co-Founder and Managing Director of Mix Diversity Developers.

When she is not speaking she spends her days consulting – helping organisations to harness the power implicit in a diverse workforce through strategy design and company-wide training design.

Hayley is an expert at making people think differently so that they WANT to take action to be more inclusive. That’s why many organisations engage her to work with their Board and Senior Leadership teams. Previous engagements include Diageo, T-Systems, UCAS, Skanska and Care Quality Commission.

Hayley Barnard is a communications expert who studied marketing at postgraduate level and then worked in internal and external business communications for over 17 years. Her specialism is in strategy development, communication planning and execution. Hayley’s focus is to improve inclusiveness, reduce inequality and bring competitive advantage to organisations through development and communication of innovative D&I strategy. She is an experienced trainer on unconscious bias and effective communication.

Teemat: Practical Inclusive Leadership | Unconscious Bias | Future Proofing Leadership | Gender Diversity | Inclusive Recruitment Practices | Exploring Unconscious or Implicit Bias: Why we all have it and what we can each do to reduce its impact? | Leadership | Business Management | Future of Work

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