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Biochemist and Neuroscientist Turning the Hard Science of the Creative, Innovative Brain into Practical Knowledge

Dr. Henning Beck is a top neuroscientist committed to brain research. As an expert in the field, his main focus is on how ideas are created in the human brain. His entertaining keynotes provide an exciting insight into how this faulty yet innovative system works. Moreover, as a scientist with a great understanding of AI, Henning can show you a new approach to brainstorming and creativity.

Neuroscience is exciting and too interesting to stay in the lab. His talks are always entertaining and packed with valuable information. In 2012, Henning won the Science Slam Championship for brilliantly transforming scientific knowledge into business and everyday use. In fact, Henning intelligently tailors his keynotes for all audiences by individualizing the talks and provides different approaches to the chosen topic. With Henning, the amount of hard science and practical knowledge is just a question of preference.

As an established biochemist and neuroscientist, Dr. Henning Beck is committed to research how the brain really works. His expertise is valued highly as he regularly publishes articles in science magazines and different business newspapers. He obtained a diploma from UC Berkeley in Project Management and supported San Francisco Bay area companies incorporating new research into their practices.

Speaker Henning Beck introduces you to a new way of thinking regarding the human brain and AI, this greatly fosters creativity.

Teemat: Brain vs Artificial Intelligence – Who's Holding the Upper Hand? | Brain the Company – Analog Thinking in a Digital World | Biology of inspiration – How to Think the Impossible | Neuroscience | Creativity | Idea Development

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