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Master Entrepreneur | Former MD of Gü Chocolate Puds

James Averdieck is the founder and former Managing Director of Gü Chocolate Puds, the fastest growing food company in UK and a brand credited with revolutionising the quality of desserts. His latest venture, The Coconut Collaborative, sells luxury yoghurt made from coconut milk, free from dairy, soya and gluten.

James is a compelling and unique keynote speaker who delivers the message that at the heart of entrepreneurialism lies the idea, the journey, not the exit strategy and not the final sale price. He speaks about true entrepreneurship, how to simplify ideas with an innovative approach, and how to make your dreams achievable. He shares the ups and downs of running a business. James’ enormous success lends him credibility combining with his transparency makes a charismatic, intelligent and thoughtful speaker from who important lessons can be learnt.

James spent 9 years in the Food industry working for Safeway and St Ivel and learnt about Sales and Marketing and running businesses. With St Ivel he moved to Belgium and became a convert to Belgian gastronomy and, as he says, ’went native on the chocolate front’. It was in Brussels James came up with the idea for a top-notch chocolate pud brand. After a year back in London, James left to pursue his chocolate dream. He pitched his idea to a specialist supplier of handmade patisserie, and Gü was born – with a mission to use superior raw materials to deliver uncompromisingly good products. Since indulging the masses in chocolate heaven, James has developed his media interests and acts as a business güru to various companies. After selling Gü he enjoyed a brief stint as a TV presenter on the show Cooks to Market. He recently co-founded a new company called The Coconut Collaborative.

Teemat: Business Competitiveness | Branding and Reputation | Business Strategy | Entrepreneurial Spirit and Excellence | Innovation | Entrepreneurship

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