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Investor, Entrepreneur and Head of Specialists at Google

Johan Eriksson is a leader with broad experience from different industries and organizations. Today he is part of Google’s management team for Northern Europe, and is engaged in multiple start-ups and talks about leadership, innovation and digitalization. Johan is a speaker that inspires and moves you with a humor fueled by brutal honesty in saying things as they are.

In his speeches Johan Eriksson moves from macro trends and principles to becoming very concrete with lots of different practical examples and tools that feels to-the-point and inspiring. You are left with a feeling of wanting to get going straight away with what Johan talks about, and the tools to make it possible. What previously felt big and challenging to grasp, now suddenly feels very defined and doable enabled by Johans’ ability to simplify. Johan’s personal mission is to inspire people and organizations all over the world to think big. He has an almost child-like naivety to people’s abilities. People is also the red thread in everything Johan talks about. We live in a world that is changing fast, and Johan has an almost unique ability to find people’s role in this change and make it clear in what way you and your organization can deal with this change every single day.

Johan has a background as entrepreneur and many years within the world’s biggest company in marketing, Procter & Gamble. Today he leads the organization for innovation and branding within Google and is part of their management team for Northern Europe where he works across all different industries.

Teemat: Leadership | Innovation | Artificial Intelligence | Machine Learning

Johan Eriksson

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