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Innovative & Disruptive Marketer | Global Head of Brand Building at BAT

John Beasley is an innovative and disruptive marketer, who has spent the last 12 years at the cutting edge of industry progression, as Vice President at Monster Energy and at Red Bull.

John is an enthusiastic and engaging speaker who keeps audiences entertained with his high performance presentations and exciting videos.

He has a practical working knowledge of how to deliver disruptive, creative thinking to solve business challenges. John is an expert in working with influencers, content creation and syndication, using digital and communications to acquire an engaged audience and build a lifestyle around your brand.

John Beasley played a central role in the Monster growth, taking the brand from 0.5m to 25m fans on Facebook, overtaking Red Bull on Twitter with higher engagement on both, whilst launching 20 new products and expanding from 5 markets to over 60. This has seen Monster grow to be the No.2 energy drink globally with annual double-digit growth, at No.7 on Forbes most innovative companies in the world and top 3 best performing stock of the last decade on the NASDAQ. John was Vice President of Marketing across EMEA for Monster Energy for 7 years, prior to that he spent 5 years at Red Bull heading up the brand team and sitting on the global interactive team. Before that he spent 7 years working for two of the world’s biggest Advertising Agencies: McCann-Erickson and Y&R and successfully transitioning Marks & Spencer’s to M&S.

Teemat: Brand Love | Digital in a Data Driven Age | Content That Influences | Disruptive Marketing | Working with Ambassadors | Influencing the Influencers | Keeping Social Media Social | Communications and the Modern Brand

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