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Futures Strategist & Keynote Speaker and Best-Selling Author

Futures Strategist John Sanei makes sense of future trends and merges them so individuals and organisations can forge forward with confidence, elevating their leadership vision to exponential heights.

At the intersection of human science, neuroscience, quantumtechnology, futurism and business strategy, John has a knack for sharing his knowledge and creating meaningful connections. He ignites platforms, connects with crowds and leaves anempowering perspective that lasts long after the lights have switched off.

John Sanei has travelled virtually, locally and internationally. He has received global recognition for his keynote talks and masterclasses as Africa’s first Singularity University Faculty Member, a lecturer at Duke Corporate Education and an Associate Partner at the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies.

He is the Co-Founder of the School of Modern Wisdom and The Expansive Podcast, South Africa’s number one Business podcast. As the author of four bestsellers and currently working on his fifth, John has fulfilled his goal of staying on top of futuretrends by researching and publishing a book every year.

John’s keynotes and webinars activate the latest research in human psychology, neuroscience, quantum science, futurism and business strategy to deepen your understanding of the world to come. By amplifying key messages based on the audience’s needs, he helps people develop a clearer vision of the future and an elegant understanding of their role in shaping it.

When not speaking, John’s training for IRONMAN and convincing friends, family and fans to adopt abandoned dogs.

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