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Former Chief Marketing Officer of Airbnb

Jonathan Mildenhall is the former Chief Marketing Officer at Airbnb, and was formerly the Vice President of global advertising strategy and creative excellence at the Coca-Cola Company. Now running his own firm, 21st Century Brand, Jonathan helps high-profile start-ups and venture capital firms in their creative and business strategy initiatives, an area in which he has consistently excelled in.

An internationally renowned thought leader in the worlds of business strategy and creative excellence that is held in the highest regard, Jonathan Mildenhall is also an incredibly sought after and requested speaker that is available to hire for events, dinners and conferences around the globe because of his incredibly passionate and insightful talks that discuss the importance of connecting consumers with brands in a meaningful and authentic way, as well as the use of purposeful branding and community-driven brands that promote positive change in our society. Having had the opportunity to work with some of the greatest organizations on the planet, such as Coca-Cola, there is no end to the amount of insight and knowledge Jonathan has to offer for any that witness his talks and presentations.

Notably holding the position of CMO at Airbnb, the exceptionally accomplished businessman and speaker has led The Coca-Cola Company’s marketing initiatives from 2007-13 as VP of global advertising strategy and content excellence. Whilst in the role, Jonathan did a exceptional job of radically overhauling Coca-Cola’s creative approach and in doing so oversaw a number of successful global campaigns which saw them become one of the most effective marketers and advertisers within the corporate world.

Jonathon’s background in his profession also include working with several of the world’s most recognisable brands including Audi, Smirnoff, General Motors, Guinness and Playstation. Instrumental in propelling Airbnb into the world’s first community driven Super Brand, the marketing, branding and innovative genius is without doubt the ideal speaker for any business event in the world given his exceptional and proven track record. Drawing upon his extensive and varied experiences to share strategic and creative acumen, Mildenhall’s expertise also breach corporate social responsibility and branding which he delights audiences around the globe with. A true leader in accelerating diversity in advertising, he has the ability to seamlessly empower and equip audiences with genuine ideas and insights on the role of disruption, creativity, inclusivity, and purposeful branding in sparking positive change and uniting humanity around a movement.

Teemat: Marketing and Branding | Entrepreneurship | Sales & Marketing | The Power Of Purpose | The Business Case For Creativity

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