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Expert on Disruptive Innovation

In his presentations Juan Pablo analyses how to build and manage an enduring successful company and how to improve a manager’s professional career using innovation to his advantage.

Juan Pablo Vázquez Sampere is an expert on Disruptive Innovation. He is an Associate Professor for the Operations & Technology area at IE Business School, his research is focused on using innovation to increase the success rate of both entrepreneurs and corporate ventures. Juan Pablo is the founder of Stratemic, a boutique consulting firm focused on Disruptive Innovation. In 2006 he became a faculty member at IE Business School.

Professor Vázquez works as a Data Scientist position to “go beyond the numbers” and combine Machine Learning and Neural Networks with the latest management thinking and business sense.

His enlightening presentations make Juan Pablo Vázquez Sampere a sought-after speaker at conferences around the globe.

Professor Vázquez holds a BA with highest honors in Business Administration and an MBA with High Distinction from IE Business School. He has a MR title from Harvard University and is a PhD from Universidad Complutense. His professional experience includes several positions in management consulting firms and in a major media group. He has also worked for governments and NGOs. In strategy consulting he is working for the largest corporations in Europe. His particular interest is in removing the variability in the commercialization process using new technologies that eliminate the factors that introduce randomness.

Teemat: Disruptive Innovation | Entrepreneurship | Corporate Entrepreneurship | Corporate Venturing | How to Resolve the Problem of Customer Uncertainty | Using Innovation to Reignite Growth

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