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Psychological Scientist, Expert on Memory

Julia is an expert in the areas of memory, criminal psychology, AI and diversity in the workplace. She is committed to building more respectful and inclusive working environments. She is also an expert on legal cases, particularly those with historical allegations. Her expertise is in false memories and how law enforcement can use ”tactics that may lead people to recall crimes that never occurred”. Julia’s work often appears on TV, radio, online and in print: Julia is also regular contributor to Psychology Today Scientific American. Her first book ’The Memory Illusion’ was an international bestseller that appeared in 20 languages, and her second book ’Evil: The Science behind Humanity’s Dark Side’ became an international bestseller in 2019.

Julia Shaw is an established psychological scientist at University College London and bestselling author. She co-founded the start-up Spot that helps employees report workplace harassment and discrimination, and empowers organisations to build a more inclusive and respectful work environment.

Julia’s keynotes on memory hacking, AI and workplace harassment captivate all audiences over the world. Her presentations are truly inspiring and they will change your perception on memories and humanity’s dark side.

Teemat: Lockdown is Distorting Our Memories | Tackling Workplace Harassment | Memory Hacking | Artificial Intelligence | Upgrade your Workplace Culture | Future of Memory / Digital Identity | Memory Illusion | Making Evil | Coping with the New Stresses

Julia Shaw

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