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Cybersecurity Expert

Keren Elazari is an internationally celebrated researcher, author and speaker on all matters related to cybersecurity and hacker culture. Her research and writing about security has been featured in Scientific American, WIRED and CNN.

Keren’s top themes & topics for 2022:

  • Cyber Security in the Covid-19 Era and onwards
  • The Age of Cyber Warfare
  • The Future of Cyber Security from A friendly Hacker’s Perspective
  • Tap Into The Hacker Mindset
  • Learning Innovation Lessons From Hackers


Keren holds a CISSP certification and Masters in Security Studies from the prestigious Security & Technology workshop at Tel Aviv University where she is a senior researcher with the Balvatnik Interdisciplinary Cyber Research Center. Since 2000, Keren has worked with leading security firms, public organizations, Big 4 and Fortune 500 companies. In 2012, she held the position of Security Teaching Fellow with Singularity University, NASA Research Park, California. Karen has been quoted, interviewed and frequently contributes to leading newspapers and magazines such as Focus, Der Spiegel and Neue Zuricher Zeitung amongst others. Keren’s 2014 TED talk has been viewed by 1.5 million people and was translated into 25 languages.

Keren Elazari moves through business, academic and security circles, researching new technologies and emerging security threats. Inspired by science fiction and fuelled by insatiable curiosity, Keren spent years investigating the darker corners of cyberspace. Today, she emerges with a new understanding of the hacker underworld.

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Teemat: Cybersecurity | Women in Technology | IT Security Strategies | Emerging Security Threats | Information Being The New Currency Of Our Digital Society | Superpower Hacking and How to Harness It

Keren Elazari

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