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Breathwork Coach

Leigh Ewin is an Australian health and lifestyle coach and mentor who specialises in breathwork education and facilitation, contrast exposure (sauna & cold exposure) and is known for his ice diving adventures.

Leigh teaches and guides people how to breathe correctly for optimal health. Including meditation, enhancing sleep, training and coaching nasal breathing development, breathing during sports performance, as well as traumatic release, pain management/relief and other therapeutic applications.

He has helped thousands and thousands of people to breathe during his sessions and has worked with many of the modern day savants in the field, including Wim Hof and Stig Severinsen, both Guinness Book of World Record holders.

He holds a multitude of certifications and accreditations in the field of breath and breathwork, he is a Wim Hof Method instructor, a Bulletproof Certified Coach, Certified Free Diver and Shaking Medicine facilitator.

Leigh is also a biohacker and has spent countless hours researching and testing things that are geared towards improving health and wellness. He excels in connecting the ancient wisdom of years past with modern day science and knowledge.

Leigh´s philosophy is that if you control your breath and manner of which you breathe, you can control all other elements of your life. Including the intricate and complex bodily systems and processes – which, like any system, once understood, can be rewritten or rewired for optimal performance.

Main topics:

How moving to Finland from Australia made me the healthiest ive ever been in my life

Sauna – how to do it and when

Avantouinti (cold exposure) how to do it and when

Positive stress – how stress can be good for us

Extremism – benefits of hot and cold exposure

5 things that will help you live longer

Healthy work habits to boost productivity

Control stress with breathwork

How does breathing better influence your life?

Nose breathing to change your life

Get high on your own supply – breathwork for mental and physical health

Ice diving for better health

Health benefits of freediving


Teemat: Helath | From Australia to Finland | Cold Exposure - How and When | Positive stress | Extremism | Productivity | Breathwork | Nose breathing

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