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“I believe in flexing, or even stressing things, to where they can move or be shaped in new ways…….”

Leigh Ewin is a fun loving Australian who now lives in Finland. Quite a contrast. Since arriving in Finland, Ewin´s story has been one about adaptation, resilience and growth.

He is someone who certainly pushes the boundaries yet contains a very sensitive and human centric approach to all he does.

Ewin is recognised for his amazing love for the cold and exposure to extreme natural conditions as well as his accomplishments and expertise in breathing and the effects that breathwork can have on human physiology and performance.

Having always had a fondness for the outdoors, Ewin soon found himself enjoying the Finnish sauna culture and almost by default, the “avanto” or hole in the ice. Like many, he didn’t always carry such affection for the cold. However, he considered it a big part of the Finnish culture and a true test of which he wanted to meet head on.

Fast forward ten years and you can now find Ewin diving with some of the world’s most recognised cold water free divers (and yes, that means diving from one hole to another……with just one breath), leading large groups of people in breathwork meditation and visiting companies and helping to form wellness strategies for their employees.

For the last decade, Ewin has studied and trained in a number of methodologies with masters in their respective fields, including Guinness Book of World Record holders and influential figures in the health and wellness field. Accumulating vast knowledge in human physiology and how to create and manage different states within the body and mind.

He attributes the breath as being the most profound and fundamentally biggest game changing tool for taking control and ownership of your life, whilst simultaneously being completely overlooked by most people and organisations.

“The symptoms of stress show and reveal themselves in exactly the same way, whether you find yourself in an argument with a loved one, working in the wrong job or diving under ice”.

Stress is unfortunately becoming common with the way that our lives have become fast paced and the average person is trying to achieve as much as possible and cram as much as they can into any one day.

With stress, it is cumulative – its strains the nervous system and affects the hormones in the body and basically affects the human physiology – let alone fulfilling tasks and commitments in the office.
Ewin will give you examples of “good stress” and share his experiences of growth via these “stressors” and he believes that comfort is not necessarily in the human DNA, which is why “bad stress” can occur when we are not active and pushing ourselves and keeping certain cellular pathways open.

He discovered many of these uncomfortable experiences when he arrived in Finland: sauna, cold weather amongst others.

Today Ewin works with companies that are looking at finding effective tools and techniques that will ensure that their teams are kept happier and healthier. The answer is right under your nose….

Breathing and breathwork has been present for centuries within different communities of people, whether it be different tribes going to war, vikings rowing boats together, choirs singing together or an orchestra playing instruments together – there is something quite amazing when larger groups of people are able to synchronise their breath.

“Creating, inducing or changing your state real time, will be seen as a super power of the next decade – together with focus/concentrating”.

We all agree that “the only constant is change”, so the high achievers will be the ones who can control their energy, reaction, state of mind and in turn, overall performance when that change hits”.

Breathwork offers the opportunity to do just that. Take control.


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