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Top Motivational Speaker | Best Selling Author | Award-Winning Journalist

Mariana Atencio took the world by storm in 2017 when her TEDx talk “What makes YOU special?” went viral. To date, it has over 17 million views and has been translated into 13 languages.

Focused on the power of authenticity, her book “Perfectly You” was an Amazon Best Seller and selected by Audible and AppleBooks.

As a former anchor at Univision and national correspondent at NBC News, she has traveled the world to report on some of the most volatile conflicts of our times, in both English and Spanish, for over a decade, specializing in the Latino experience across the Americas.

Mariana has established herself as the next generation top motivational speaker, a trailblazer with a fresh, global perspective on how to get what you want in life through resilience, innovation, authenticity and a proven formula to increase productivity, well-being and success in your own terms. She spent the last decade studying the key questions on what it means to achieve balance, happiness and true D&I in the 21st century.

She develops and crafts every keynote to create a transformational experience for each client, whether it’s virtually or live. Her services include one-on-one coaching, consulting, Master of Ceremonies, and bootcamp style sessions. Some of the world’s leading companies and institutions have hired Mariana to share her transformative message with their workforce, such as: YouTube, Airbnb, Spotify, LinkedIn, the World Health Organization and The United Nations.

Teemat: Inspirational | Innovation | Authenticity | How to Harness Resilience to Empower Your Team and Achieve Your Goals | Develop True Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging | The Perfectly You Method | Daily Rituals: From the Strength of Affirmations to Power Poses

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