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Medical Doctor, Executive Chair of Tiger Global Holdings & Founder of Global Medic Force

Medical doctor turned international entrepreneur, Dr. Marie Charles has dedicated her career to transforming the global health sector, through her innovative strategies. As the Chair of the Tiger Healthcare Group, Charles is renowned for her ability to create high yield from high investment opportunities in the health care sector, a theme that she discusses as a keynote business speaker.

With extensive experience in both corporate and social business climates, the revered entrepreneur can provide a comprehensive talk across a breadth of topics to her audiences, making her one of the most popular on the circuit for transformational talks.

Marie Charles is not just any medical doctor. She has a highly distinguished background in international business, finance and international relations and in the last 20 years, she has founded, grown and managed multinational companies and organizations in over 30 different countries, which have all risen to the top in their respective fields. Dr. Marie Charles is seen as one of the most influential and successful entrepreneurs in the fields of healthcare, finance, energy and the environment.

Dr. Marie Charles has spoken at many big international conferences and events for some of the most prestigious financial institutes, international corporations, global charities and different motivational seminars. A truly inspirational person with an impressive resume, her keynotes will change you, motivate you and teach you something new and inspiring. She delivers keynotes on a range of topics including motivation, investing, philanthropy and entrepreneurism.

Marie Charles is a woman with a mission who doesn’t settle on small and easy projects, and in 2007 she received The Medal of Honour from the president of Vietnam for having saved more lives than any physician in the Vietnamese history. She is an inspiration to many, and she has been featured and referenced in international media over and over again for her outstanding personal healthcare initiatives and for having saved millions of lives in the developing world. Some articles even refer to her as the ”Joan of Arc of 21st Century Medicine”, and it is a known fact that no government in the world possess a volunteer medical resource like the one created by Dr. Marie Charles.

Teemat: High impact investing | Optimising global philanthropic outcomes | Extreme inspiration and motivation | Entrepreneurism | Disruptive commercial models to optimise success | Your personal legacy - making your life really count

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