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The Dutch Focus Expert | Bestselling Author | Keynote Speaker | CEO FocusAcademy

Mark Tigchelaar studied neuropsychology and helps top athletes and business leaders improve their performances. Over the two decades that he has doing this work, he noticed that someone’s performance largely depends on one skill: their ability to block distractions and get themselves in the right flow. Focus. Mark has written six books on the subject (which have been translated into five languages), he has given a number of TEDx Talks and more than 100,000 people from all over the world have taken part in his training programs.


”Raise your expectations tenfold and you’ll begin to approach the value that you will get out of their focus training.” -Klaas Kroezen, CEO, WUA


Mark’s Popular Topics for 2023

  • Focus ON/OFF: The inspiration session Focus ON/OFF is a fun and approachable way to gain insight into the importance of focus. In interaction with the group, Mark will start by discussing the effects and impact of the many distractions that we face nowadays. During the session, he’ll explain the concepts and strategies to get a grip on focus. Depending on the wishes of the client, he can discuss solutions on the individual, team or organizational level.
  • The surprising power of Niksen: In this interactive keynote, Mark will show us how we can unlock our brain’s potential, so we can think more clearly and become more creative. He will share the latest insights from neuroscience as well as an old (and forgotten) Dutch philosophy to boost innovation.
  • The Dopamine Game: Distraction is more addicted than smoking ever was. We check our phone, email or chat on average every 6 minutes. How is this affecting our ability to dive deep? At the same time: we need to check incoming messages in order to stay ahead of the game. This presentation shares practical insights on how we can deal with the split between being available and diving deep.



”His keynotes are very practical and full of paradigm shifts.” -Mark Tuitert, Olympic gold medal champion ice skating


The rise in stimuli in recent years has led to a significant increase in interruptions in our daily activities. These interruptions, in turn, reduce our productivity and hinder our ability to complete complex tasks, leading to feelings of overwhelm and increased stress levels.


”It showed me how to live in the flow and be unstoppable. Love it!” -Lizette Holmeijer, CHRO, Schiphol Airport


Mark Tigchelaar helps you to tackle this challenge. In his keynotes and trainings, he shares the latest insights from neuroscience that you can use straight away to get a grip on focus. His keynotes are interactive, fun and very practical.

Teemat: Focus | The Future of Work | Wellbeing | Enhancing Brain Performance | Importance of Focus in the Information Age

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