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Marko ”Signmark” Vuoriheimo was born into family of sign-language users where everyone is deaf except his grandparents. Music came into Marko’s life through his grandmother and his interest has lasted all his life. When Marko was a teenager he realized that music wasn’t just for the hearing and first started to translate songs into sign-language. No-one understood his fascination with music and he used to tell all kinds of lies to get chances to practise making music.

Signmark really felt music to be important for all people and wanted to become a messenger of that so he started to make his own songs and tell his stories through them. The starting point wasn’t ideal but his will and motivation were high. Marko gathered a like-minded group of people around him and made his first album under stage name Signmark.

His friends understood his dream and how big deal it was to bring it to life. After the album was done, the snowball effect happened and the small project started to grow into a mach bigger one. Media started to get interested in Signmark and interview requests and gigs started to pour in.

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Marko VUoriheimo

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