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Executive Advisor and Board Member

Martin à Porta has led the Finnish Engineering Consultancy Icon Pöyry after seven years of crisis back to where it belonged – it was the transformation to an outstanding company with highly engaged experts serving customers and innovating for the future.

“Try Intrapreneurship: It is far more powerful if the company is “led” by 5500 great individuals, who think, decide and act as if it is their money, their company”
In his last three roles he has run three transformation programs, one for superior growth to achieve ten times the volume in three years, one with a major restructuring program for a two billion EUR business to achieve benchmark profitability and finally the transformation of Pöyry. In all of those the element of culture & behavior has been the foundation for the turnaround. Over time he developed and fine-tuned the approach of Intrapreneurship, how anyone can be an entrepreneur in a bigger company.

This approach and the Turnaround of Pöyry has served as the bases for a business case written by Prof. Henrik Totterman which has been taught at Harvard, Hult and many other business schools.

Martin is an energetic speaker on Leadership, culture & behaviors as well as high performance organizations. He is passionate about business and Intrapreneurship, and his mission is to help entrepreneurs, CEOs and leadership teams to unleash their hidden potential. With his focus on culture and behaviors, Martin emphasises the value of partnerships and building networks.

Martin à Porta is an accomplished leader and a born communicator who connects extraordinarily with people. In his presentations he includes, energizes, challenges and inspires audiences from different levels and cultural backgrounds.

Teemat: Leadership, Intrapreneurship, Culture, High Performance Organization, Transformation, Turnaround, Energise

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