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Renowned Expert on Managing in Times of Disruption and Uncertainty; Professor of Strategy at INSEAD; Recognized Authority on Technology Strategy, Digital Transformation and Disruptive Innovation

How do leaders successfully grow an organization in times of disruption and uncertainty?

As a recognized expert in the fields of technology strategy, digital transformation and disruptive innovation, INSEAD Professor Nathan Furr helps organizations reposition for growth during periods of uncertainty and disruption. In the process, Furr shares customized tools that help leaders rethink and “invent” a future when faced with unexpected or anticipated changes in the marketplace.

“Digital transformation is really about unveiling new opportunities,” he says, Nathan focuses on moving organizations away from “I can’t do that” mentality towards a culture of “we can’t afford to miss that!”

Nathan Furr has helped some of the biggest companies like Google, Microsoft and Johnson & Johnson shed outdated corporate cultures and habits in order to make dramatic transformational leaps.

Dealing with uncertainty in some form is a central theme in Professor Furr’s research, keynotes and the books he’s co-authored, he outlines the frameworks and tools he uses – such as strategic narratives, artifact trails and future KPIs – to help organizations invent the future.

As a digital strategist and transformative thinker with insights, tools and frameworks that drive innovation during changing times, Nathan Furr is uniquely qualified to guide different organizations to the other side of disruption, where they can successfully build business in new ways.

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