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Founder & Director of Content, Boom Chicago for Business

Pep Rosenfeld does it all: event host & facilitator, writer, stand-up comedian, public speaker, coach, and developer of innovative corporate programs.

Pep hosts events like TEDx Amsterdam, The Next Web Conference, and the Nordic Business Forum. His preparation & polish, positive take and an uncanny ability to turn new information into comedy earn him rave reviews. At the NBF, Pep Rosenfeld even made President Obama laugh.

He hosts high stakes events for companies like Ahold, KPMG, Oracle and Heineken where he has a knack for making serious events feel fun & energetic. He leads groups in interactive, improvisation-based activities that break the ice, help teams collaborate more effectively, and re-enforce messages, values and strategies in a way that’s both impactful and entertaining.

Pep’s passion is using comedy to make hard-to-communicate messages land and stick, as featured In his 2012 TED talk, ’Fight, Flight or Make Your Opponent Laugh.’ He also gives humorous keynotes on how ’Humor Makes Business Better’ and ’The Future is Here (and it’s kind of annoying).’ He was nominated for an Emmy for his writing on America’s long-running television show, Saturday Night Live.

Teemat: Humor Makes Business Better | The Future Is Here (and it's kind of annoying)

Pep Rosenfeld

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