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European Economic Correspondent, The New York Times

Award-winning journalist and author, Peter Goodman is one of the foremost speakers on the global economy thanks to his three decades spent working in current affairs. Peter knows how to transform complex economical issues into digestible layman’s terms. A skill that truly serves him well as an expert keynote speaker, perfectly suited to corporate events exploring business and the economy. Global Economic Correspondent for The New York Times is a prestigious position for any journalist and one that Peter Goodman has held for nearly five years, having previously been a staff writer for the paper.

Spending a total of eight years at the world-famous New York Times, Peter has reported on some of the biggest economic events in modern history, including his award-winning contributions on the Great Recession in 2008. Chronicling the recessions’ global impacts from the outset, he provided invaluable analysis as the historic downfall happened. With a visionary approach to economics, Peter’s insights are critical for companies wanting to develop future-proofed economic stability.

In addition to his work with The New York Times , Peter has worked across all major continents for the likes of The Washington Post and Huffington Post. From 2010 to 2014 he held the respected position of Executive Editor of The World Post liaising with correspondents in over ten countries to provide the highest quality of global business economic analysis for online coverage. Peter’s depth of understanding of worldwide economics gives him an unprecedented knowledge of the big picture, as well as giving him the authority to offer educated keynote speeches around the globe.

For his impressive analysis and reporting on the 2008 Great Recession detailed in ’The Reckoning’, Peter received a Gerald Loeb Award in 2009. Again in 2014, Peter found himself the recipient of the award, this time for his commentary. Publishing his book ‘Past Due: The End of Easy Money and the Renewal of the American Economy’ in 2009, the book was announced as one of Bloomberg’s Top 50 Business Books. An undeniable expert on not only the modern global economy but the historic global economy, Peter Goodman is the ideal expert qualified to guide and enlighten your businesses with economical known how that will enable you to future proof your business’ finances.

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