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TEDx | Global Keynote Speaker and Innovation Strategist | Author of The Trust Economy

A Storyteller and Global TEDx Speaker for the stormy and delightful road ahead. Author of The Trust Economy and RESET, A Fortune 500 Keynote Speaker trusted by the best industry leaders Philipp Kristian Diekhörnes is Asia Managing Partner of Denkfabrik Digital (DDX), an award-winning German innovation foundry helping companies create the most valuable new propositions since 1976. DDX develops industry-leading products and services that remove internal innovation barriers thanks to a proprietary methodology deployed in over 750 projects.

Philipp Kristian’s top themes & topics for 2022:

• Connecting the dots — navigating complexity and the hybrid reality in global organisations• Leading in the next normal and a hybrid world• Leading with ESG, SDGs and purpose from a risk and opportunity perspective• Surfing the wellbeing and engagement wave and tackling organisational mental health for good• What does a post-pandemic world look like with respect to a global RESET and reshuffle?

• How are industry and societal mega-trends evolving considering the past 2 years?• The great resignation and awakening: How does the future of attracting and retaining world-class talent look like?• Putting the human in transformation: How organisational change can be made to last• Future of culture: The transformation that happens beyond the system• Trusting a hybrid normal: Redesigning the organisation for frictionless collaboration• The collaboration revolution: Building the organisations that will change people and society for good (and for the better)• The edge of chaos: Why the new or next normal is actually a never normal

• The Cyber-Pandemic: Why the human is equally the weakest and strongest link in fighting the next big crisis• From 2019 BC to a chaotic 2021: Stories narrated by the pandemic and how data challenges our immediate future outlook• Future of organisational data: Enhancing privacy and data circulation in parallel• Human augmentation: Future of artificial intelligence and cognitive automation• Privacy revolution: Creating an inclusive, human-centred future of data• Engaging right in a default hybrid future workplace: How to effectively network, innovate and encourage serendipity with reduced physical presence• Meetings inflation and productivity loss: Optimising hybrid work environments

Prior, Philipp shaped Asia innovation activities in Fortune 500s and helped some of the most successful start-ups in Singapore (such as Circles.Life) transform their respective industries. In a whirlwind career, he served clients in over a dozen countries including Bhutan and the Maldives. He now guides C-Suites to maximise the value of digital, launch the best value propositions, transform organisations and understand breakthrough technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Blockchain.

Philipp Kristian Diekhöner was named a WEF Global Shaper, Kairos Global Fellow and St. Gallen Symposium Leader of Tomorrow. He organises one of Singapore’s most popular social events for the start-up ecosystem (DrinkEntrepreneurs) and is an avid sailor and yogi.


  • 3 Strategies to recover trust effectively in crisis (and why honesty, respect and humor matter so much in being trusted).
  • Without trust, there is no progress: The insights that define the essentials of trust.
  • The new trust  economy era.
  • Accelerated agility: How can we operationalise agile transformation and future-proof our value chains with added urgency given COVID-19?
  • Frogs to princes: COVID-19 is accelerating the digital interface revolution and only the fittest interfaces will survive. What’s the right formula for success?
  • Welcome to the future. We’re late. Or are we?
  • The future is the domain of realists and idealists – not illusionists. How to prioritise human behaviour over noise.
  • Reset: Rethinking outworld and creating a different future.
  • Trust – the universal currency of leadership.
  • Bid farewell to monocultures: Responsibility and trust replace command and control in the rapidly changing climate of global economic and digital transformation.
  • Reaching a virtuous cycle of peak performance – understanding that’s where real trust and leadership begins,
  • Achieve results by discovering early innovation opportunities and disruptive threats.
  • Key elements for innovations and meaningful digital transformation to happen: clear focus, a worthy purpose, willingness to understand customers beyond the surface level and the confidence to experiment.
  • Agility as a key factor to success: get more done and work as one.


Philipp speaks at eminent organisations such as Bakrie Group, CPA Australia, Economist Intelligence Unit, Facebook, German Federal Ministry for Economics and Energy, Globe Telecom, Guild Mortgage, MunichRe, P&G, PKF, Microsoft, Turner, SGInnovate, Singapore Management University, Singapore University of Technology and Design, United Overseas Bank, Zillow and others. He has written for AsianLink, Forbes, e27, Esquire, Insurance Business, InVision Blog, Marketing Magazine, Start-Up Valley and Palace Magazine. He featured across BFM Malaysia, BrandEins, Men’s Folio, Money FM 89.3, Springer Professional and YourStory.


Philipp Kristian Diekhöner

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