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President Jane Goodall Institue France

Pierre Quintard is the President of the Jane Goodall France Institute since 2017. Launched by Dr Jane Goodall, United Nations Messenger of Peace, the Institute conducts field actions in twelve African countries for the preservation of biodiversity and for the well-being of local populations in a holistic approach.

In this context, gender equality, access to education and sustainable jobs are among the missions of the Institute. The Jane Goodall Institute also develops Roots & Shoots, an educational program present in more than 100 countries, allowing millions of young people to carry out environmental and social projects. In this context and thanks to its ability to mobilize young people around the world, The Jane Goodall Institute carries out numerous actions and campaigns in favor of peace, environmental preservation and people. The foundation also allows children, through fun and innovative applications, to learn, understand the stakes of preservation, and get involved in the protection of our common heritage.

In addition, Pierre Quintard fosters the visibility of environmental NGOs and financing the preservation or restoration of biodiversity. Pierre Quintard is a speaker on the themes of education, climate change and biodiversity.

An engineer by training, Pierre has an initial career in finance and has created several companies during his career, in particular in new technologies. For many years, he has supported innovative companies in their financing and development. He is also at the initiative of an investment fund in the Blue Economy, which invests in impact companies.


Teemat: Biodiversity | Climate change | ESG | Social Responsibility

Pierre Quintard

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