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Former Presidential Advisor, Best-Selling Author, Expert on Global Trends

Dr. Pippa Malmgren is a former Presidential Advisor and the co-founder of HRobotics, a firm that makes aerial intelligence systems and autonomous vehicles for industry. Pippa is Honorary Chairperson of Resilience First an organisation helping Britain manage the response to the Coronavirus crisis. Pippa is a trend spotter who advises investors and governments about economic policy and investment strategy. She anticipated the Financial Crisis in 2007, the slowdown in China, Brexit, Trump and the return of inflation.

Pippa delivers captivating keynotes, surprising insights, vibrant visuals and memorable takeaways. Pippa connects the dots, bringing together insights about markets, politics, policy, tech and geopolitics that signal important and investable trends. She shows how to digitize yourself and assets so that you can manage more while travelling less.

Pippa was an economic advisor to President George W Bush in the White House and served on the National Economic Council. She co-founded HRobotics, which makes modular, AI-led, commercial-use drones for a wide range of industries including mining, oil and gas, insurance and public safety. Pippa founded the DRPM Group, which advises institutional investors worldwide on investment trends and is a platform for her public speaking. She is a Non-Executive Board Member of the Department of International Trade in the UK. She also serves on the British Ministry of Defence Working Group on Global Strategic Trends. She Chairs the Lewis PR Advisory Board (LAB) and a member of the Greater London Authority Advisory Board.

Teemat: Geopolitical Risks and Trends | Financial, Monetary and Economic Policy | Tech Innovation | Leadership | The Future of Cities | Women In the Workplace

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