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Chief Communications Officer at Netflix, Former VP of Communications at Facebook & Google

Rachel Whetstone is the head of communications at Netflix and previously held the position of vice president at Facebook, working with it’s WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger products. Prior to these two positions, she has also worked with two giants Uber and Google in similar positions.

Rachel Whetstone has experience working with some of the worlds biggest media corporations, including Google where she joined in 2005 to lead its public policy and PR team. She then moved to Uber and held the title of Senior Vice President of Policy and Communication. In 2015, Whetstone moved to the worlds largest social communications platform, Facebook. While at Facebook, she was the Vice President of Communications across its communication platforms including WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger.

In 2018, Whetstone’s proven international communications experience saw her named Netflix Chief Communications Officer. The world’s leading entertainment service called upon Whetstone to support it’s international expansion and aims to reach and entertain an ever growing global audience.

Rachel Whetstone was recognised as one of the 100 most powerful women in the UK by Women’s Hour on BBC Radio 4.

Teemat: Business strategy | Influence and persuasion | Communications | Leadership | Future and Technology

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