Safia Minney - Puhuja

Sustainable & Ethical Business Expert | Social Entrepreneur | Speaker & Advisor

Safia Minney MBE is an award winning international social entrepreneur, speaker and advisor, with more than 20 years’ experience as a Global CEO of the company she founded, People Tree. Safia built pioneering Fair Trade and sustainable fashion, food and lifestyle brand from her living room.

Safia is a visionary international businesswoman who offers experience as a pioneer in sustainability. She talks about the risks posed by climate change and modern slavery, and the opportunities to business, investors and governments in shaping a low carbon future. Safia shares her experience and vision with audiences who want to put social impact and sustainability at the heart of their business.

Her engaging, charismatic, and authentic in delivering a powerful message of sustainability and inclusion. She is international making her a perfect choice to address audiences around the globe. Safia is a passionate speaker who walks her talk and brings people on the journey with her.

Safia is a thought leader in sustainable fashion and key influencer in Sustainability and the Modern Slavery movement, with extensive experience in Japan, Asia and Europe, Safia has brings a unique international perspective as a practitioner. Safia speaks Japanese and has authored many books and featured in many documentaries and films on Fair Trade and sustainable business in English and Japanese, including the documentary The True Cost. Safia received an MBE for services to Fair Trade and Fashion industries. She combines purpose, creativity, and commercial experience to inspire an actionable strategy for organisations wanting to transform to net zero, action the SDGs and promote social inclusion.

Teemat: Business after COVID-19: Rethinking Supply Chains and Resilience | Creating Sustainable Business in the New Economy | Promoting Sustainability and Eradicating Modern Slavery in Supply Chains | Marketing and Thought Leadership and Action in the Climate Crisis | Women Leading in Business | Slow Fashion & The Future of Retail | Action Plan for the Climate Emergency | Supply Chain Management & Transparency

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