Silvia Garcia - Puhuja

Former Coca-Cola Global Director of Happiness, Marketing and Communication

Keynote speaker, consultant and author, Silvia is one of the world-leading experts on applying behavioral science and positive leadership to marketing, communication, employees’ wellbeing and company culture. Former Coca Cola’s global director of happiness, marketing and communication, Silvia Garcia is a positive force of change at any event. Throughout her career, she has studied the effects of wellbeing on employee retention, customer service communication and workplace relationships. She applies the latest discoveries in neuroscience with twenty years of experience creating and managing some of the most valuable brands in the world. A pioneer of happiness, she has presented to millions of audience members across the globe, specializing in such topics as leadership and branding. When booked for events, she can revolutionize a workplace’s culture through her behavioural psychology, analysis and company assessments.

Silvia Garcia founded Feel Logic in 2017, a corporate consultancy service utilizing behavioural science to assess and improve its client’s company culture. From branding to employee retention, the service provides research-driven advice from a scientific approach, designed to revolutionize a workplace. Silvia’s organisation has perfected the consultancy process, starting with an organisational assessment of each department in a business and addressing the employee dynamics. Including financial structures and interpersonal relationships, the service builds pillars of growth for organisations to thrive upon. Silvia expands upon her consultancy service’s pioneering advice at events, including the latest scientific research on human behaviour.

Silvia spent almost 15 years as The Coca-Cola Company’s Global Director of Marketing Communications, Innovation, Leadership, Futurism and Happiness. In her various leadership roles, she ensured the productivity and high-performance of teams globally, as well as exponential growth for the entire company. Through pioneering innovation, Silvia predicted future consumer trends and improved the wellbeing of all Coca-Cola employees. She has degrees from the University of Cambridge, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and Penn State University, her expertise was built on a foundation of academic study.

Teemat: Leadership | Entrepreneurship |Marketing | Customer Experience | Happiness & Wellbeing | Retail

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